usual, the night view from the Shuttle camera has a mask of heavy “snow”
imposed over it. This is so common, it gives the impression of normalcy.
It is NOTHING of the sort! See these
stories for more on this.

Ridiculous Snow Games!

Snow Games!

EVA 10b Snow Games AGAIN!


all times during this incident, the camera was under the control of the
INCO in Houston Mission Control.

INstrument &CommunicationOfficer – The man in Houston
Mission Control Center who is responsible for operating the Shuttle
bay, and robotic
arm, cameras. He also remotely operates the helmet cameras in space
. In the case
of ISS, this officer is referred to as the CATO
Communications And
Tracking Officer
In both
cases, these persons CONTROL everything
which is PERMITTED to go out on
broadcast to the public.

It is a commonly believed falacy that the cameras are operated by Astronauts
& Cosmonauts on the Shuttles, and Space Station. Very little camera
work is done by the crews. They’re way too busy for that.)

2005 Jeff Challender