have called this entire seven minute live downlink The
Florida Sequence
. In my personal opinion, it is possibly THE
NASA U.F.O. footage I have ever captured myself.
It is FAR too complicated, with
too much going on, to be confined to a single page at Project P.R.O.V.E.
So, it has been divided up into segments, with a page concentrating on
each set of anomalous objects in order of appearance.

Within moments
of passing over Miami, it became apparent that there were powerful thunderstorms
raging on the ocean far below. Equally visible amongst the lightning flashes
were a number of anomalous objects. Over the next nearly seven minutes
some 18, or more, Unidentified Objects
manifested themselves.

Two distinct
kinds of object could be seen down there amongst the clouds. Some were
quite large and bright. These moved rather slowly, and seemed attracted
to the lightning discharges. The other class of objects were much smaller,
and moved at extremely high speed, but also appearing to head for the
lightning discharges. Researcher, USAF Major (ret.) George
Filer of New Jersey, and Filer’s
Weekly Files fame, calculated the speed of these smaller objects to
be in the neighborhood of 100,000 miles per
( 160,000 kph ) IN
The small objects were also observed to DECELERATE,
enter the clouds, and become lost to sight.

I see little
chance that any of these objects might be meteors or aircraft. Meteors
burn out rather quickly, often leave trails, and NEVER
visibly decelerate. None of these
objects exhibited any of the characteristics of meteors or any other astronomical
phenomena. Even the largest of aircraft would be too small to be visible
from the altitude of the Space Shuttle’s orbit (220
miles, 350 km
) and are not capable of the velocities observed.
Besides, no pilot in his right mind would willingly take his airplane
into a thunderstorm, let alone twenty fliers in seven minutes! It would
be suicidal! The lighting conditions during these events changed from
total night at the beginning, both above in orbit and below on the surface,
all the way to Sunrise at sea level by the time the downlink was cut.
Yet, the aspect of the objects did not change throughout the entire sequence
of events.

Ordinary debris,
and bits of ice, are frequently seen against the Earth during twilight,
both at sunrise and sunset. But, as the Sun rises and illuminates the
surface, these rapidly become lost against the bright background of the
Earth and Oceans below. These objects remained bright and easily seen
right up to the point that the live downlink was unceremoniously cut off.

It is fairly
obvious that it took some time for the people in Houston to notice what
was going on out in the Atlantic. When they did notice, it was too late.
The whole series of events had been captured by my VCR. It would have
been nice though, to see what that last
object looked like in extreme close-up.