© 2000 Jeff Challender

we have a very amazing “ring” of coloured lights. As can be
seen, they resemble a disc seen almost on edge, with multicoloured “running
lights” on the perimiter. The enhancement of this photo amounts
to turning the brightness, and contrast, up to maximum. One wonders
what this could actually be. It is certainly not ice crystals, nor any
debris this writer is aware of.

All in all, some very unusual events occured during the STS-93 Flight.
These objects remain unexplained.


all times during this event, the camera was under the control of the
INCO in Houston Mission Control.

INstrument &CommunicationOfficer – The man in Houston
Mission Control Center who is responsible for operating the Shuttle
bay, and robotic
arm, cameras. He also remotely operates the helmet cameras in space
. In the case
of ISS, this officer is referred to as the CATO
Communications And
Tracking Officer
both cases, these persons CONTROL
everything which is PERMITTED
to go out on broadcast to the public.

It is a commonly believed falacy that the cameras are operated by Astronauts
& Cosmonauts on the Shuttles, and Space Station. Very little camera
work is done by the crews. They’re way too busy for that.)

At the end
of the day, it’s up to YOU to draw your
own conclusions.

2000 Jeff Challender