we have an animated GIF in which the video clip has been zoomed in 250%
on Discovery and the anomaly.

Please note that
the object seems to come out from UNDER
Discovery, move away just a little, and come to a complete STOP!
This is not the behavior of ice, or debris. It has also been taken into
account that this event was filmed with a hand-held camera through a window
by a Cosmonaut aboard the Mir Space Station. Since the object is obviously
moving independently of the small movements caused by the camera operator,
it can be surmised that it is not a reflection in the window.

In addition,
some may claim that this is dust or debris within the station, seen between
camera and window glass. IF that were the case, what caused the
object to Stop? Dust motes do NOT
have brakes!

We can also safely
assume that this object is not celestial in nature. Astronomical objects
do not maneuver as this object does. They describe a smooth arc across
the heavens, accelerated by the 17,500 mile per hour (28,000
) velocity of Shuttles and Stations on orbit.

Due to the fact
that the producers of the television program did not include exact date
and time for this film clip, we cannot pin down the exact time of day,
angle of the Sun, or the relative angle of the space craft to Earth.