this time, most people have heard of the odd events which occurred during
STS-48, the flight of space shuttle Discovery,
on 15 and 16 September, 1991. (Video
Clip HERE) Some claim that all of the objects seen are UFOs. NASA
claims that all of the objects are ice and debris, sparkling in the light
of the rising sun.

NASA further
claims that all directional changes in the motion of these objects are
caused by an automated firing of the aft RCS jets aboard the shuttle.
To be sure, SOME of what is observed in the videos IS ice, and debris.
There is no doubt that an RCS jet did fire during the time frame in question.
NASA has the computer records to prove this. However, NASA’s blanket explanation
of the events, based on these facts, doesn’t cover everything which took

Let’s take
another look at the video of what is known as event #2, the most famous.
This scene, shot from the aft payload bay camera, was taken at local sunrise
over the Philippine Islands. South is up, the Sun is to viewer’s left,
we see the limb of Earth, some stars over the horizon, and a series of
bright objectsabove the dark portion of Earth. Some of these bright dots
are dirt on the camera lens. Some others aredrifting ice and or debris.
These pop into view as the sun comes up. Then, a new object seems to rise
up out of the clouds near the western limb of the Earth. I believe it
is much further away because it appears so much later than the debris
cloud. .

As this object
travels south, and gains altitude, a flash is seen from the aft direction
of Discovery. Shuttle computer records verify that this flash is an RCS
jet firing, which is done periodically to MAINTAIN
ship’s attitude. Thus, there is no noticeable change relative to the horizon.
Some of the objects in view appear to respond to the expanding exhaust
plume, and are appropriately diverted from their previous course. However,
the distant object suddenly veers 135 degrees and speeds out into space,
followed by two streaks, one of which might have hit it had it not moved
out of the way.

NASA claims
that the relative motion of this object is caused by the RCS jet firing.
For several reasons, this makes no sense. The RCS jets are mounted on
the extreme nose and tail of the Shuttles. They fire vertically, and horizontally.
In the vacuum of space, the exhaust plume expands upward in a teardrop
shape. The aft thrusters are some 20 to 25 feet away from the camera,
and even further away from the debris field. Objects nearer than the controversial
one are barely affected. The RCS firing could not have greatly influenced
our anomalous object at the distance it MUST
be from the jet plume. Therefore, I conclude that the object must be independently

There are
two streaks of light which seem to be aimed at the object in question.
It has been claimed that these streaks are some kind of new particle beam
or laser weapon. Granted, the streaks do resemble a weapon salvo. But,
they can not be lasers or particle beams. Both these type of beams move
at the speed of light, which would render them invisible in space. At
best, they would appear to the human eye as a solid shaft (Like
A Star Trek Phaser Beam
), rather than a visible package seen to
move from left to right at a 45-50 degree angle. Further, these angles
preclude their origin being the RCS jet firing way back on the tail of
the ship. Therefore, I conclude that the streaks are something other than
energy weapons. I know of no missile technology capable of moving at the
velocities observed in the video.

So we are
left with what? If these are alien craft, perhaps they are shooting at
each other for some unknown reason. In any case, something strange and
unidentified with any Earth based phenomenon took place. And NASA are
using the demonstrable fact that some of the objects and occurrences are
linked to ice, dirt, and control jets to dismiss the entire event.

Something is being deliberately being covered up here.


all times during this incident, the camera was under the control of the
INCO in Houston Mission Control.

INstrument &CommunicationOfficer – The man in Houston
Mission Control Center who is responsible for operating the Shuttle
bay, and robotic
arm, cameras. He also remotely operates the helmet cameras in space
. In the case
of ISS, this officer is referred to as the CATO
Communications And
Tracking Officer
In both
cases, these persons CONTROL everything
which is PERMITTED to go out on
broadcast to the public.

It is a commonly believed falacy that the cameras are operated by Astronauts
& Cosmonauts on the Shuttles, and Space Station. Very little camera
work is done by the crews. They’re way too busy for that.)