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In a world wherein we are incapable of understanding things and concepts that are beyond our ability, some would do research on their own to grasp knowledge about the inexplicable wonders of this world we live in. It is true that there are secrets that we are about to discover in the physical realm, which is full of uncertainties and mysteries. With that, we often go beyond our limits in discovering what the truth is there to unfold to us.

Of all people who had the interest in discerning what lies outside the physical world is Richard M. Dolan. He is a well-known American UFOlogist and a TV personality as well. Since then, he is already into UFOlogy which he finds exciting to study. Usually, when we talk about UFO, the first thing that comes to our mind is the question whether they are real or not. Do they really exist? Is there a possibility that beyond this world are groups of other living species who also strive for survival? These are just some of the questions that we have in mind every time UFO is the topic.

When it comes to these concepts, Richard Dolan is very particular in giving details because he himself is doing his own investigation and study that pertains to the existence of UFO. For many years, ufology has been the center of study, debate and a number of investigations by different groups of scientists and even the government itself. As a field of science, ufology remains inconsistent as it still has a lack of acceptance from people most especially from the academic body. The truth is that ufology requires a large scale of study before someone can actually confirm the existence of these flying objects.

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As someone who is after this field of study, Richard Dolan started creating a series of investigative books discussing UFO’s. He had done a number of non-fiction books that are centered in ufology. The first book he has was entitled “UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Cover-up 1941 – 1973. This book by Richard generally talks about the emerging problem that is brought about the picture of UFO. It is a narrative discussion of UFO problems that focus on improving the national security. Richard was able to conduct an independent research and study for this one from excellent sources. For those who have been looking for books related to UFO, this one is a potential source of knowledge that is one of a kind. By looking at a bigger perspective, Richard had successfully compiled the book and put together three strands about the relationship of UFO to national security.



Richard’s first book was a success since it provides the fundamental facts that we need to learn about the possible instances that UFOs can cause to humanity if ever the national security is threatened. After the book was published, it became one of the most in demand books in the market. Keyhole Publishing Company has published it in 2000 and then two years later; Hampton Roads Publishing Company again published it giving more revenue for the publishing companies. In the preface, you would see the name of a famous author Jacques Vallee in which he mentioned about the overview of the book.

After this, Richard immediately produced his second book which is just a sequel of the first one entitled “UFOs and the National Security State: The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991”. It was published in 2009 somewhere in August. Although somewhat similar to the first book, this second volume of Richard’s book is an analysis of the phenomenon happened many decades ago during the cold war. The book was made up from several sources such as archive, interviews as well as professional journals that will serve as a reliable source of information for the readers.

In his second book, Richard Dolan carefully presented a series of information regarding the critical encounters of UFO by some civilians and military officers all over the world. With this, anyone will come to the realization that UFO is a global phenomenon that is widely considered as one of the major cause of a number of technological innovations.

The study conducted in analyzing the secret about the existence of this lighting object that operates in darkness is reflected in the second volume of Richard’s book. He successfully structured all the facts that the possibility of UFO intrusion on the present age has something to do with history or geopolitical issue. For whatever is the reason behind the presence of these flying objects is something we do not know exactly.

The next work that Richard Dolan was involved was with his third book “A.D Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact”.  This time, Richard had a different perspective in publishing the book. In general, the book tackles about the technique of how people will cope with the changes if ever UFO already disclosed the public. There are lots of possibilities that can happen after UFO finally showed itself to the society. This non-fiction book confronts the troubling challenges that all sectors of the society may face in due time. If we are going to base the facts that historians had discovered before to the present situation, you would notice that there is a deep connection between things. This is exactly what the third book of Richard Dolan wants to emphasize. Together with Bryce Zabel, Richard had successfully come up with this extraordinary book that will offer a great amount of knowledge to the public.

Aside from being a well-known author, Richard is also a popular television personality who had a series of projects back then. In 2006, Dolan along with a group of professionals, as a team they produced the Sci Fi Investigates that is a Sci Fi Channel TV show about a variety of paranormal events, which are currently happening in the surrounding. This includes the crash of a UFO craft in Mexico. The works of Richard Dolan are exceptionally extraordinary of its kind offering valuable information about the things that we do not seem to understand.


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